Wingtips Lounge

St. Louis Lambert International Airport Terminal 2
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Welcome to your brand new pre-flight destination! The Wingtips Lounge offers guests a respite from the crowded terminal, featuring abundant natural light, complimentary alcoholic beverages, and an open buffet of tapas-style snacks using locally-sourced ingredients. With quiet nooks to catch up on work and power connectivity at every seat, you'll have all your travel needs met at the Wingtips Lounge.


After the Security Checkpoint, turn left and proceed down Concourse E, turn left just past Gate E22, the lounge will be on the left side opposite Gate E29.

This is the local time and date for the lounge. Be careful if you are travelling across time zones.

3 hours 5/14/2021, 6:49 PM
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Complimentary access for children under 2yrs

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